This is the third edition of AWWA M41, Ductile-Iron Pipe and Fittings. This manual provides the user with both technical and general information to aid in the design, specification, procurement, installation, and understanding of ductile-iron pipe and fittings.
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• Ductile Iron Pipe is also available with thicknesses greater than Pressure Class 350; see table below.† • All information is from AWWA/ANSI C150/A21.50-91Standards, tables 50.5 and 50.15. †These special thickness classes were designated standard thickness classes by AWWA /ANSI Standard C150/A21.50-81. Cast Iron Flanges - ASME/ANSI Class 250 - ASME/ANSI B16.1 Cast Iron Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings - Class 250 Flanges - outside and inside diameters, bolt circles, numbers and diameters of bolts Cast Iron Flanges - Stud Reference Chart - The number, diameter and length of studs for cast iron flanges class 125 and 250
For example, lead is soft and can be bent by hand, while iron can only be worked by hammering at red heat. The regular arrangement of atoms in metals gives them a crystalline structure, irregular crystals are called grains.
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